Workman is specialized in the development of architectural and engineering projects as well as in the management and execution of construction works.

The company was founded by three partners specialized in different areas of building (architecture + engineering + construction). After years of gaining individual experience in the sector they have combined their expertise to one common goal:

“To be able to offer our clients a complete, specialized service
with the maximum guarantee of success”

Founding this union resulted from the idea of being able to establish a linear and seamless work system that guarantees the correct execution of each project, with coherence and from its origin to the completion of its work.

Our work system allows us to coordinate the work of different agents involved in a project which maximises efficiency in the different development phases of which the work consists and therefore optimize the whole process.

Our services and work systems are constantly evolving and let us adapt to the changes and improvements of the market, which enables us to increase our productivity and efficiency in order to offer our clients the best possible service.


Jose J. Segura Hernández
Jose J. Segura HernándezArchitect
Architect from Barcelona Polytechnical University (2007). He has directed different projects in residential field, office spaces, public facilities and the catering industry, both in new projects as in restorations.
Also a teacher at the Superior School of Arts and Design of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the past.
Juan Feo Cabrera
Juan Feo CabreraEngineer
Our Industrial Technical Engineer from the European University of Madrid (2008) and Master in Risk Prevention at the Workplace at the School of Engineers of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
He has extensive experience in realizing projects for new businesses, installations and the legalization of activities, as well as in maintaining industrial facilities.
David Cabrera Díaz
David Cabrera DíazContractor
He has studied Organization of Construction Sites in IES Geneto, San Cristóbal de La Laguna.
He gained extensive experience in the Construction sector during his involvement in the execution of many works for the public and private sector, where has supervised the personnel and the materials.


Workman has the following organizational structure. The number of staff members in the different areas of work is continuously adapting to the demands of our customers in order to meet their needs at all time.

Department of ARCHITECTURE Department of ENGINEERING Department of CONSTRUCTION

Development of projects

Project management

Technical advice



Other services

Architecture work team


Project facilities

Work direction

Technical advice

Calculation facilities

Licenses, openings

Other services

Engineering work team



Civil engineering

Architecture works


Minor works, reforms

Other services

Construction work team



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