Comprehensive rehabilitation where flexible and diaphanous spaces are generated that expand the spatial sensation and enhance light in the home.
The program encompasses a large daytime space where the living room, dining room and kitchen are developed, this space is related to the outside space through a permeable glass cube that enhances the views towards the mountain, in the night space develop three suites equipped with storage and integrated bathroom.
The circulation area is structured around a large central piece of furniture that provides warmth and contrast to the intervention. This central piece of furniture encompasses the kitchen, library and storage. On the opposite side, a storage band is proposed where a toilet, cleaning room and storage rooms are developed.
The use of neutral elements in the proposal contrasts with the use of exposed concrete in the structural elements and black in characteristic elements. On the other hand, the lighting integrated in coves and furniture elements add warmth to the intervention and play a fundamental role.

Work done in collaboration with Puerta35 Arquitectura.