The work consists of a comprehensive reform of a duplex apartment from the 80s to give it a renewed and current look, the clients wanted to give it a style based on Belgian style, so the work was based on white tones, using warm materials such as wood flooring and shades of pastel colors with decorative elements and handmade ceramics brought from Morocco.
On the ground floor, distribution changes were made, achieving a more dynamic and open space by changing the layout of the kitchen and incorporating storage areas at the entrance. As for finishes, the gotelé was removed from the walls, and the existing pavement was polished. Flooring and tiling of bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen. Total renovation of interior and exterior carpentry of the house, providing it with greater thermal and acoustic comfort.
On the upper floor, where the bedrooms and main bathroom are located, the flooring was changed for a white lacquered wooden floor. Complete reform of the bathroom and smoothing of walls.